Pineville Children's Dentistry

Keeping Your Little One's Smile Healthy

If you want to keep your child’s smile healthy and strong, children’s dentistry from a qualified family dentist like Dr. Troy Babb is the best place to start. With regular six-month cleanings and oral exams, Dr. Babb and the team at Pineville Family Dentistry can ensure your child’s mouth is healthy, and help them develop good oral health habits that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Learn more below, or contact us now for an appointment.

Child high fiving the dentist

Benefits of Children's Dentistry

Get peace of mind, knowing your child is getting the dental care they need from the team at Pineville Family Dentistry
Prevent common dental health issues like tooth decay and gum disease
Monitor your child’s oral development to look for orthodontic issues and other such common childhood dental problems
Your child will develop a relationship with Dr. Babb and our team, making them feel more comfortable and safe at the dentist’s office

How Does Pineville Family Dentistry Help Children Maintain Their Oral Health?

We can help your children improve their oral health in a number of different ways. First and foremost, our team focuses on preventive dental care. It’s always our goal to catch dental issues like cavities early, and prevent them whenever possible. With regular six-month dental exams and preventive services like fluoride treatments and dental sealants, we can keep your little one’s mouth cavity-free.

We’re also dedicated to informative, child-friendly dentistry. Dr. Babb and the team at Pineville Family Dentistry will explain the importance of dental care to your child in terms that they can understand, which helps them develop a better relationship with dental care.

When Should my child start seeing the dentist?

The answer may surprise you, because it’s earlier than most people think. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that kids should see a dentist for the first time when they turn 1 year old, or whenever their first tooth comes out. 

Got an older child, but still haven’t seen the dentist? Today is the best time to start. You can contact the team at Pineville Family Dentistry now to schedule an appointment for your little one, and to make sure that their teeth are healthy and strong.

How can I teach my child good oral health habits?

The most important thing is to lead by example. Kids will always follow the examples that their parents set. So if you want your child to eat a healthy, low-sugar diet to help fight back against cavities, lead by example, and make those changes in your diet and lifestyle, too.

The same is true of brushing your teeth. Your kids can start brushing when they’re coordinated enough to tie their own shoes, which usually happens between the ages of 4-6. It’s best to make teeth brushing a family activity when your children are young, because you can lead by example by brushing for at least 2 minutes and using proper technique. You will be able to observe your kids, make sure they’re brushing properly, and give them tips to improve their brushing habits.

Finally education can be very helpful. Reading children’s books about dentistry with your kids, watching YouTube videos about dental care with them, and explaining basic dentistry concepts to your kids will help them learn more about why dental health is important. Kids love learning, so think about how you can educate your kids about the importance of dentistry! 

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